About Me

Choosing who will photograph your wedding is a big decision. I enjoin you to learn about me and the things I love to do so you can be comfortable with me, because I will be with you during your wedding day, from morning ’til night.

RV Mitra

My love for photography began when I was 5 yrs old when my dad (who was a photography enthusiast in the 80s) game me a 11o format film camera. A toy camera but a camera nonetheless. In 1997, I asked my mom for a film SLR as a High School graduation gift. When I was in College, I founded a camera club. Then, I worked as a photojournalist for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). And when I worked for a bank, I became president of BPI Camera Club. Soon, I realized that photography really is my passion, so I resigned from my job to focus on becoming a photographer.

When you look at my wedding portfolio, you will see that I capture images that tell a story. I love the power of being able to freeze the most important moments in a wedding: the way a groom looks at his bride marching down the aisle, the moments between parents and their daughter as she walks down the aisle, the bonding of family and friends, all the beauty, the laughter and tears. Capturing these unseen moments and immortalizing them excites me.

I love telling people’s stories from my unique perspective.
I love shooting in natural light. I love playing with lights and shadows. I love capturing the spontaneous. When you glance at your frame on your wall, I want you to feel like you’re looking at a painting. I like adventures and going off the beaten track to find unique and interesting places to photograph. I am known for my buwis buhay shots. So let’s go out to shoot and have fun!

Fun Facts

  • Before photography, I was an Asst. Manager at the Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI).
  • My favorite movies are Jerry Maguire and Notting Hill.
  • For TV series, well, it’s a toss between Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. But my ringtone is the theme from How I Met Your Mother. Wattup!
  • I love the outdoors and going out on adventures. I’ve reached the top of Mt. Apo, went canyoneering in Cebu, and I’ve dived with the Thresher Sharks of Malapascua.
  • I have a dog (chowchow), African Lovebirds, and saltwater fish such as Clownfish and Tangs.
  • I used to play guitars for a band. Now, I just use the remainder of that talent to impress complete strangers.

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